Love nature the way you love music

We can learn an awful lot about how to save the environment from musicians. Musicians are experts at sensing subtleties, they live outside the normal 9 to 5 hourly work construct, and think “outside the box.” Look at the lives of musicians for how to sustain the natural world.

Respect nature and the environment
We teach students to respect their instruments and music. We are in constant employ of directing students to listen to their own sound and to that of the others in their orchestra. It is considered the highest order of thinking for students to play together in an ensemble with other musicians. These same skills can be applied to becoming aware of the natural world and its peril.

Work with nature. Don’t conquer it.
Playing music is a collaboration of the highest order. We listen for tuning and adjust our pitch. We listen for whether our notes are articulated properly and consistently. Moreover, we listen for whether our sound matches and enhances the sound of the other musicians around us. We flow with the rhythm of the music. Humanity must learn to collaborate and flow with nature.

Be humble
Playing music makes us humble. To be a successful musician, we have to be willing to let go of ego. There is always a higher cause – the performance – that we all work towards. We assign a leader but even that person is a collaborator, playing the orchestra. Humans are part of nature with the great purpose of being custodians of the entire planet.

Express your love of nature
Musicians are lovers. We play because we love the music. We don’t do it purely for financial gain or for power. Our playing is a form of service. It is service to the composer’s intent and of sharing our art. We pour out our passion and bathe the world in our sound. We feel the joy, creating a beautiful energetic loop with our listeners. Loving nature creates this same möbius loop.

Appreciate the mystery of nature
Musicians work with the abstract. We follow the signs and symbols on the sheet music. We analyze the structure of music. We study the lives of composers. Then…then, we use our inspiration and imagination to produce the organized group of tones we call music. Naturalists, birders, scientists, engineers, farmers, veterinarians study nature and then are called to action.

Be positive
Musicians are always thinking outside the box. Our instruments are complex familiars. They seem to have a mind and personality of their own. Although frustrating at times, they are our partners in the ecstasy of the music. Even when they aren’t having a good day we remain committed. We can’t give up. We must stay positive even when there are set backs.

Playing the music of Nature
Be patient. Be caring. Be loving. Want what is for the greatest good. There is still so much worth saving.

The Inspiration for Violinists card deck
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