Finding joy in creative pursuits

How we inspire
Your students learn high level technique and are inspired by stories about your adventures as a professional musician. Your audiences hear beautiful performances without having to travel to distant cities and pay astronomical ticket prices. However, even though this isn’t your dream job, it doesn’t mean that you should totally abdicate your creativity. 

Don’t give up
I recently read a social media post by an individual who is struggling with this very issue. He works in a completely different field but he seemed to be experiencing burn out. Along with the stresses of being a parent and spouse, there was a sense that nothing he was doing professionally mattered or inspired him. My suggestion was that he pursue a creative outlet.

Creations of your own
Symphony orchestras, no matter the level, are full of musicians who give all they can to their performances. The problem is that the overall creative decisions are made by someone else – the music director. An antidote to burn out is maintaining your own creative projects. It could be something small like changing the cushions on your couch or something big like starting a chamber music festival.

The Inspiration for Violinists card deck
This “Nothing lost in translation” card is part of a 50 card deck. Every card has a unique image and text inspiring musicianship, mindfulness and spirituality.

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