Fitting pieces back together

Starting something new
I’m excited to be starting a Suzuki book 1 group class in a couple of weeks. For many years I have taught private Suzuki lessons but did not have time in my schedule to offer group class to my students. Group class is critical especially with so much anxiety among children these days. It’s fun, supportive, and confidence boosting.

Change can be stressful
I am thrilled to be teaching in a different public school program this year. It has been a very positive change for me. Even with more time in my schedule, just making a change can be stressful. I know that this kind of stress is temporary but there have been some unexpected glitches along the way. It will require some adjusting to the new schedule and speaking up when the adjustments need to be done by someone else.

Changes beget more changes
It is that proverbial spot on the wall. Once understanding how positive this change has been, why not make more changes? I’m currently weighing my options while at the same time reminding myself that some decisions cannot be undone. Oh, there is also understanding that there are only 24 hours in a day and I need to build in some down time!

Violinist Linda Beers is the creator of the Inspiration for Violinists, a 50 card deck. Each card has a unique image and text inspiring musicianship, mindfulness and spirituality.

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