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From time to time I’m asked what is the best way to use the Inspiration for Violinists card deck. My answer is that there isn’t any one way to use them. This card deck is a wonderful source of inspiration and support for professional violinists and violin students in their practicing and performing. How have you been using these cards with your violin playing?

When holding the deck for the first time, don’t worry about mixing up the cards. They are not in any specific order. In fact, a great way to use the deck is to shuffle the cards and pick them randomly. Perhaps pick a card in the morning before starting your day. A powerful way to use the cards is to incorporate them into your practice sessions. As you walk up to your violin case, draw a card and use it as part of your warm up routine.

Once you have gotten to know your deck, you may find that a particular card speaks to you. Look for it by turning the cards face up and swiping through the entire deck. You may find that an image on one of the cards jumps out at you even though you were not looking for it. This method is especially helpful when you are feeling blocked or stuck in some aspect of your playing.

Over many years of teaching privately and in a public school program, I have acquired much wisdom and ways of teaching violin technique that were calling to be shared. I have also been comforted and inspired by card decks by authors such as Doreen Virtue, Colette Baron-Reid, Sonia Choquette, and Shakti Gawain. A deck of cards seemed like the perfect medium for expressing my musings about playing the violin. I chose poker cards because they could be held in one hand and would easily fit into a violin case.

The great thing about using my card deck or any inspirational card deck is that you don’t have to wait for an appointment with a counselor, sign up for an expensive workshop, or spend hours reading a self help book. I have done all of these things and they have been helpful but time consuming. Wisdom cards are meant to uplift you and provide a quick source of inspiration. As a disclaimer, a card deck cannot replace mental health care in a crisis situation.

You may want to place your daily card draw on your music stand and look at it off-and-on during a practice session. You could put a particularly meaningful card in the bow ribbons in your violin case. You could even include a short meditation on that card you drew for your warm up. I have a colleague who keeps them on his music stand and draws a card at the beginning of a practice session. I also have non-musician friends who use them for inspiration in their spiritual practice.

How are you using these cards? Please leave a comment and share your experiences, questions, and suggestions. Thank you for using the cards and be sure to always share your beautiful violin music with the world.

The Inspiration For Violinists card deck The “instructions for use” card is part of a 50 card deck. Every card has a unique image and text inspiring musicianship, mindfulness and spirituality.

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