Issues with Sleep

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Lack of adequate restorative sleep can greatly impact health and quality of life. I’m starting a new job this week as well as dedicating more time, energy and resources to my private studio. Even though I spent the past year preparing for this moment, I’m very wigged out about it and not sleeping very well at all.

The impact of anxiety on sleep
My mind races and I become like The Princess and the Pea. My legs ache, I grind my teeth, my body gets overheated, the moon is like a spotlight shining in through my window shades, and I have acid reflux. I have full blown insomnia! I don’t drink very much caffeine, I rarely drink alcoholic beverages, and I’m not normally a light sleeper. I’m pretty sure my issues are stress related but I’m open to learning about other possible health conditions that can affect sleep.

Help with sleep
I am currently listening to The Sleep Fix audiobook by Diane Macedo who is an ABCNews anchor. As an investigative reporter with chronic insomnia, Macedo has thoroughly researched what is currently known about sleep disorders and the treatments that are available. I just started listening and I don’t have any answers yet. It is already reassuring that a self-proclaimed “insomniac” is so upfront and honest about her own sleep issues and has taken on sleep with the full force of a major news network. More to follow…

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