Mental rehearsal before an audition

Nerves are not forgiven when taking an audition. Orchestral musicians are required to play excerpts from the most challenging pieces in the repertoire. Any extra, unwanted flinch can knock a musician out of the competition. I have written in previous posts about my susceptibility to anxiety and its impact on my violin playing which is especially an issue when taking an audition.

Mental rehearsal, for me, means going through the audition process while in a meditative state. I visualize the entire day from getting up in the morning all the way through walking off the stage at the end of the audition. I include every thing I am likely to experience throughout the day. I even imagine someone or something that could be triggering to me.

Listening to my inner voice is critical. It tells me when something in my life doesn’t feel right. I revisit this mental rehearsal as many times as it takes to feel more comfortable. Together, my conscious and unconscious mind experience my audition fears. In so doing, I learn that I am not actually in physical danger which is the cause of the fight/flight response.

The Inspiration for Violinists card deck
This “Inner voice” card is part of a 50 card deck. Every card has a unique image and text inspiring musicianship, mindfulness and spirituality.

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