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Song of Spring by Linda Beers

When I watched the Discovery Channel documentary, Racing Extinction, I was deeply moved by the site of shark fins as far as the eye can see and the haunting image of a shark that had just been finned tragically struggling to survive. I wrote “Song of Spring” with a noticeable Asian influence. The United States went through a time of severe exploitation of our natural resources and animal kingdom. We are learning and working towards a kinder and more sustainable relationship with the world around us. Unfortunately, the world does not have time for countries with newly emerging economies to learn this lesson.

Fritz Kreisler

I have been influenced by the violin playing of Fritz Kreisler for a very long time. I find his violin playing to be very sweet and full of joy. Fritz Kreisler was born in Vienna in 1875 and he died in 1962. Kreisler originally attributed Liebesleid, Liebesfreud, and Schön Rosmarin to 18th century composer Josef Lanner. Kreisler later on disclosed that he himself had composed these three pieces.

I want to thank Jennifer Elowsky-Fox for her interpretive insights and beautiful piano playing in these recordings and Brian Capouch of Soundworks Studios for recording and video taping us.

Thank you for purchasing these downloads. I hope you enjoy them.

Linda Beers – August 3, 2016

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Liebesleid – Love’s Sorrow      .99

Liebesfreud – Love’s Joy        .99

Schön Rosmarin – Fair Rosmarin       .99

Linda Beers – Song of Spring       .99

Download All Four Pieces      3.00

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