My Cheerleaders

My cheerleaders
It’s been a busy few weeks and I feel like I’ve fallen out of touch with my life. It has been so nice to have friends attend my concerts. It is especially important for me to remember my cheerleaders during these hectic times.

The impact
When I get really stressed and overwhelmed, it is easy for me to forget about the support I always have from friends and family. I go for long stretches of working seven days a week. I don’t participate in my normal after-work activities. Chores don’t get done and things devolve at home. Eventually there can be an impact on my mental health.

Remind me please!
I have to include my cats on my list of cheerleaders who remind me in subtle, and not so subtle ways, that I haven’t been paying enough attention to them. The distraction of their high jinks is a welcomed gift. My greatest piece of advice for this post is to remind yourself during difficult times that there are people around you who love and care about you.

The Inspiration for Violinists card deck
This “Cheerleaders” card is part of a 50 card deck. Every card has a unique image and text inspiring musicianship, mindfulness and spirituality.

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