Payment: Lessons must be paid for at the time the lesson is taken. Students who prepay tuition by the semester by the first lesson in each semester will receive a discount. Fall semester: 15 lessons in September through mid January. Spring semester: 15 lessons in mid January through mid May. Please see Tuition and payment options for more information.

Summer lessons: Private lessons are available during the summer and may be paid for by the lesson.

Registration fee: All students will pay an annual registration fee of $30 which covers copying, postage, room rental for special events, piano tuning, and piano accompanying fees. Workshops with guest clinicians will be billed separately.

Absences: Teacher absences will be made up. One student absence will be made up per semester for students who pay by the semester. Any missed make-up lesson is forfeit. If you anticipate a lesson time conflict, please find another student with whom to exchange lesson times to avoid the absence. Taking a lesson on Zoom is another way to avoid missing a lesson.

Snow days: This studio will follow the Avon Public Schools closings and delays. However, you may call the studio at 860-673-9723 if you feel that you can still take your lesson in person. Lessons will otherwise take place on Zoom on snow days. One lesson per semester will be made up due inclement weather in the event of a power outage.

Refunds: No tuition refunds will be granted after the third lesson in each semester. Allowable tuition refunds will be pro rated.

Driving and parking in Farmington Woods: You may only park in front of garage #36. You may also park in any space that is not in front of a garage. Please follow the posted speed limit of 20 miles/hour. Any fines incurred by the studio will be passed on to the person who received the ticket.

Snow days: This studio will follow the Avon Public Schools closings and delays. However, you may call the studio at 860-673-9723 if you feel that you can still take your lesson.  One lesson per semester will be made up due to inclement weather. Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts will be used if additional weather related make up lessons are needed.

Arrival & Departure: Please arrive on time for your lesson and leave as soon as it is over unless you have previously arranged to observe another lesson. Students under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Recitals: All students are expected to participate in one solo recital per year. Students enrolled in the Suzuki Violin program are also expected to participate in the yearly group recital.

Special considerations:

* It is important to keep distractions to a minimum when very young children are engaged in learning.
* Arrive on time, allowing enough time to unpack and settle in. It is helpful to use the bathroom before leaving home. Being able to start lessons on time means that all the elements that have been practiced and that need to be taught, can be covered as well as having time to answer questions.
* Cell phones are another distraction that should be avoided. Please turn off the ringer and respond to calls when the lesson is over.
* Suzuki lessons often involve the whole family. Siblings are welcome provided they are quiet and well behaved. Please keep in mind that parents need to pay attention to the lesson and take notes in order to follow through during home practices. Therefore, when it is necessary for siblings to attend a lesson, parents should plan ahead to have them engaged in their own activity such as reading a book or doing homework. Siblings are welcome to use the sibling work area in the studio.
* Please do not wear shoes or walk around bare foot in the studio. There is a rack for shoes by the entrance to the studio. Students should have socks or slippers to wear in the studio.
* Hands should be washed and nails clipped before each lesson. Finger nails that haven’t been clipped interfere with holding and playing the instrument correctly. Washed hands help all of us stay healthy!
* Please contact me if you need help, or to discuss concerns. It is best to schedule a time to talk other than the lesson time. Inclusion of different ages and levels is extremely valuable and positive for a studio. Fundamental to the Suzuki method is students progressing at their own rate. It is important to not compare the progress of children to each other.
* I make a strong commitment to you to give the best instruction and positive growth incentives that I can. I will ask you to do your part in daily listening, quality practice (including review), group lessons, and filling out practice charts. When the child-parent-teacher triangle works together in balance, the Suzuki method is a very rewarding experience for everyone.

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