Inspiration for Violinists Card Deck

Inspiration for Violinists Card Deck


The Inspiration for Violinists Card Deck will inspire you on your journey of playing beautiful music. It is a deck of 50 cards each with unique image and text. Draw one each day to inspire your practice. Teachers can also use this card deck to inspire their students.  

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Inspiration for Violinists Card Deck

I created the Inspiration for Violinists card deck because I found myself frequently saying the same things to my violin students. Why not write these things down, put them on a card, and give them to my students? Over about five years, every time I found myself sharing my wisdom with a student, I would write it down. After some organizing of themes and figuring out the size and shape of the cards, it was time to figure out
images. To create each image, I would meditate on the theme of the car until I could visualize a corresponding image. During this process, there were times when I visualized an image and ended up creating text that would go with it. There are cards for violin technique, musicianship, playing healthy, uplifting your spirit, focus and mediation.

You will find your own way of using this deck of 50 cards but here are some suggestions:
• Shuffle the deck and draw cards randomly.
• Pick one card per day or per practice session.
• Draw the card that seems the most helpful at the moment.
• Read the text on the card you draw and meditate on the image.
• Put the card you select on your music stand while you practice.
• Keep your favorite cards in the bow ribbons in your case.
• Take a picture of a helpful card with your phone.

Inspiration for Violinists card deck is great for violinists ages 12 and up. For younger violinists, remove cards with more mature themes and save them for later.
Violinists who use Inspiration for Violinists say that the text and images on the cards are “unique” and address issues that they experience when practicing and performing. Violin teachers say that the images on the cards are “beautiful” and the texts “say everything [they] say to their students.”

Linda Beers teaches Suzuki and traditional violin lessons in her home studio in Avon, Connecticut. She is also a certified public school music teacher specializing in string and orchestral instruction. In addition to being a member of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, Linda performs solo violin music for diverse programing such as ekphrastic poetry readings and climate change environmental programs as well as classical recitals.

I wish you beautiful and soulful violin playing to nourish the world with your inspiration – Linda Beers, Fall, 2019


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