Self care for musicians

I’m in a really busy time right now. I just accepted a wedding quartet job that has turned out to be something I regret. When I accepted the job I thought I was filling in for someone else. After accepting the job, I found out that in fact the members of the group were being hired one at a time and I am the designated leader.

I’m definitely experiencing anxiety. This event takes place in less than a week. We are scrambling to find appropriate music while not being the ones originally in touch with the client. The contractor in this case is the management of my home orchestra. As it turns out, I was hired for this job because I had turned down another concert series which takes place at the same time.

I’m having the feeling of being set up for failure. The orchestra should not have agreed to the date knowing that most of its members would not be available to play. This orchestra has chamber ensembles among its core musicians which the client most likely believes they are getting rather than a pick-up group.

Self care for me in this situation is:
Contacting the client to make sure we are playing appropriate repertoire.
Choosing music that will be easy for us to put together.
Having the intention of sharing our gift of the love of music with the client and guests.

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