The beauty of imperfection

Prior to the advent of audio recordings and radio broadcasts, violinists didn’t hear each other perform with the immediacy experienced in the 21st century. I encourage my students to listen to “dead people” recordings as well as the young superstars they see and hear on Youtube. I do this because they can hear how individual each violinist sounds. The vibrato, for instance, of Fritz Kreisler isn’t the same as Jascha Heifetz, as David Oistrakh, as Nathan Milstein, as Isaac Stern and so on. I want my students to enjoy the smorgasbord of possibilities when it comes to vibrato and their violin sound in general.

You can call them imperfections, but with this card from Inspiration For Violinists, I encourage you to enjoy the banquet buffet of your own personal expression in your music as well as in your personal life and relationships. Your don’t have to be like everyone else. Our differences create the richness of life.

When jewels appear in your dreams, it can signify abundance. I have enjoyed wearing raw gemstones which have a beauty of their own. From Enhance Your Life with Crystals and Gemstones by Joyce St. Germaine,

Topaz: Conquers fears or feelings of rejection, defensiveness, helps in serving others, forgiveness, hope.

Diamond: Takes on and holds vibrations around it, don’t wear at throat when frustrated or negative.

Ruby: Intensifies compassion, may intensify ego, don’t use with tempers, enhances sexuality, passion, devotion.

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