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Sometimes we see, hear or even sense something that feels off. Our collective health and safety depends on people who report problems. It could be something very serious, dangerous, or perhaps you just think of a better way of doing things. Speaking up will most likely require a system to “fall apart.”

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.” – Steve Jobs.
Sometimes we think of more efficient, productive, or esthetically pleasing ways of doing things. Years ago I wanted to switch the boxwood tailpiece on my violin to match its rosewood pegs. I was young at the time and the very well-known luthier in NYC acted dismissive when I asked him to make the change. There were no audible or visual signs of any other problem. However, when he removed the tailpiece, he found an open joint. Because the problem was discovered early, it was an easy and quick fix with no permanent damage.

You might be the unlucky person who experiences and/or witnesses something dangerous. It may even be perilous to go to the authorities. The decision whether to speak up is solely yours to make. If you search whistleblowers on google, you will find many individuals who have spoken up about fraud, polluting, criminal syndicates, government cover-ups, and child abuse. The world is a much better place because these brave individuals used their voices to speak up.

Violinist Linda Beers is the creator of the Inspiration for Violinists, a 50 card deck. Each card has a unique image and text inspiring musicianship, mindfulness and spirituality.

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