Violinists are upper body athletes

Hands and arms are in constant motion but what about your feet? They’re important too. How you use your whole body impacts the areas that are specifically dedicated to playing your instrument. Flexibility in your feet can contribute to more efficient and comfortable mobility.

Do something as simple as rolling a ball with your foot. While standing or sitting, rolling a ball with your foot can provide a novel experience when playing your instrument. Because you are standing on an unstable surface, you may find yourself moving your spine, pelvis and ribcage in a topsy-turvy, curvy way.

Experience the way this changes your violin hold and how the bow contacts the string. You may find that your lower back frees up. Likewise, you may discover an issue with your back, neck, shoulders and even your jaw about which you were unaware. Challenge your balance and gain insight into how to move more comfortably through life.

The Inspiration for Violinists card deck
This “Feet” card is part of a 50 card deck. Every card has a unique image and text inspiring musicianship, mindfulness and spirituality.

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