What is this card deck about?


Violin technique cards
The aerodynamics of the bow, the systemic nature of intonation, dynamics and balance, the fingerprint of vibrato, using arm weight like an orangutan, force vs. release, ringtones and harmonics.

Musicianship cards
Hearing color, taste and aroma, bow drama, the circle game of chamber music, studying a score, legendary violinist avatars, authentic interpretation, How old are you vs. how old is your music?

Cards about practicing
The role metronomes play, your internal beat, recording yourself, how to practice, how to memorize, the importance of warming up, this is your moonshot!

Healthy body cards
Don’t forget your feet, heal thyself, managing your schedule, healthy eating, only 1 issue at a time please, the importance of rest.

Spirituality cards
Playing music as service, being in the music, the interplay of the arts, honoring the spirit of horse, flow, prana, qi, meditate, focus.

Cards that inspire
Positive affirmations, the joy of playing music, your cheerleaders, nothing is lost in translation, gratitude for peers & colleagues, playing in and with nature, play with humor, turning dreams into reality, taking that risk.

Cards for challenging times
The beauty of imperfection, when things fall apart, criticism, perfectionism, letting go of past regrets.

The Inspiration for Violinists card deck
Each one of the 50 cards in this deck has a unique image and text inspiring musicianship, mindfulness and spirituality.

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